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The Walking Dead: Survivors APK - The Official Game of the Comic Series

The Walking Dead: Survivors APKPure Review

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead comic series or TV show, you will love The Walking Dead: Survivors, a new strategy game for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you will build your own settlement, recruit iconic characters, fight against walkers and other players, and explore the world of The Walking Dead. You can download the game for free from, a trusted website that offers fast and safe downloads of APK files.

What are the main features of The Walking Dead: Survivors?

The Walking Dead: Survivors is an officially licensed game based on The Walking Dead comic series from Skybound Entertainment. It has many features that will keep you entertained and challenged for hours. Here are some of them:

the walking dead survivors apkpure

  • Official Game: You will encounter famous characters from the comics such as Rick, Michonne, Negan, Glenn and many more. You will also relive classic moments from the story arc and visit fan-favorite locations within the world.

  • Strategy: Every decision matters in The Walking Dead: Survivors and there is no time to hesitate. Will you focus on growing your defenses and creating alliances, or will you grow your army and conquer the region by force?

  • Tower Defense: Your settlement is under constant threat of incoming walkers and it is up to you to fend them off. Strategize your way to victory by strengthening your defenses, placing obstacles, constructing buildings, recruiting new survivors and using their special skills to keep the walkers at bay.

  • Social Game: Walkers are the least of your worries. In the world of The Walking Dead: Survivors, you will encounter other players from all around the world. It is up to you to choose your allies and your foes. Be careful in whom you place your trust! Create clans and build various clan buildings across the region to expand your territory and prepare for war against Negan!

  • Exploration: The Walking Dead: Survivors offers a vast region map with tons of important locations, characters, items and resources to discover. Getting familiar with your surroundings will play a huge part in your survival. Discover key buildings on the map and compete with other clans for their control.

Who are the iconic characters in The Walking Dead: Survivors?

The Walking Dead: Survivors features more than 80 original characters from the comics that you can recruit and use in your camp. Each character has unique attributes and skills that can help you in different aspects of the game. Some of the most popular characters are:

  • Rick: A combat survivor focused on fighting off walkers. He wields his trusty rifle and an axe and his skills increase damage.

  • Glenn: A combat survivor focused on defense. He wields a pistol and his skill increases defense.

  • Michonne: A combat survivor focused on offense. She wields her katana and her skills trigger extra damage and accelerated attacks.

  • Negan: A combat survivor focused on intimidation. He wields his baseball bat Lucille and his skills reduce enemy morale and increase ally attack.

  • Maggie: A development survivor who focuses on production. She wields a pistol and her skills increase material production rates.

  • Hershel: A development survivor who is a medic. He wields a rifle and his skills boost healing rates and hospital capacity while reducing healing costs.

What are some tips and tricks for The Walking Dead: Survivors?

The Walking Dead: Survivors is not an easy game to master and you will need to learn from your mistakes and improve your strategies. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you survive and thrive in the game:

  • Join a clan: The Walking Dead: Survivors is a social game and you will benefit greatly from joining a clan. You can chat with other players, share resources, help each other, participate in clan events, and fight together against enemies. You can also get rewards from the clan store and the clan chest.

  • Use speedups and resource packs: The game will give you some free speedups and resource packs that you can use to speed up your building, research, training, healing, and production processes. You can also get more of them from events, missions, rewards, and the store. Use them wisely to save time and resources.

  • Assign survivors: Each building in your camp can have one survivor assigned to it to boost its performance. For example, assigning a development survivor to the farm will increase food production, while assigning a combat survivor to the watchtower will increase defense. You can also assign survivors to your march formations to increase their combat power.

  • Encounter classic characters: As you explore the region map, you will encounter classic characters from the comics who will offer you quests, rewards, or challenges. Some of them will join your camp as new survivors, while others will become your enemies or allies. Be careful when you interact with them as your choices may have consequences.


The Walking Dead: Survivors is a fun and engaging game that will appeal to fans of The Walking Dead and strategy games alike. You can download it for free from and enjoy the thrill of building your own settlement, fighting walkers and other players, and meeting iconic characters from the comics. The game is constantly updated with new content and features, so you will never run out of things to do. Are you ready to survive in The Walking Dead: Survivors?


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about The Walking Dead: Survivors:

  • How do I get more survivors?: You can get more survivors by completing story missions, encountering classic characters on the map, participating in events, opening survivor chests, or purchasing them from the store.

  • How do I upgrade my survivors?: You can upgrade your survivors by using training manuals and coins. Training manuals can be obtained from missions, events, rewards, or the store. Coins can be obtained from missions, events, rewards, or by selling items.

  • How do I increase my combat power?: You can increase your combat power by upgrading your buildings, researches, survivors, weapons, and equipment. You can also increase it by assigning survivors to your march formations and using buffs.

  • How do I attack other players?: You can attack other players by scouting their camps or buildings on the map and sending a march formation to attack them. You can also attack them by joining a rally initiated by your clan members or by declaring war on their clans.

  • How do I protect myself from attacks?: You can protect yourself from attacks by strengthening your defenses, using shields or peace flares, hiding your troops in the shelter or the hospital, joining a clan and asking for help, or relocating your camp to a safer location.


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