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Buy Cheap Floor Tiles

This discount tiles range can also be a good place to find some affordable tile replacements if you're looking to repair cracked or broken tiles throughout your home - a cheaper alternative than a full-room tiling job.

buy cheap floor tiles

With a choice of different materials including glass, ceramic and porcelain, sizes start from as little as 5cm x 5cm for sleek mosaic tiles and go all the way up to 60cm x 60cm with plenty of sizes in between.

Many of these cheap wall tiles come in solid colours, but if you want something with more character, our diverse collection of patterned discount wall tiles are bursting with colour and charm. From exotic designs inspired by the Mediterranean to vintage encaustic patterns, the colours and designs of patterned clearance tiles are perfect for adding character to walls in kitchens, bathrooms and beyond.

If you want a more natural feel to your interior, look no further than our discount wall tiles with wood-look or natural stone-effect. Available in assorted hues, they could be just what your home needs to exude a luxury or rustic finish - from striking white, grey marble to elegant oak and walnut wood.

Tile finish also plays an important part in the overall look and feel of your design update, and we have various options on offer. For an ultra-modern look, cheap glass or gloss wall tiles can provide a clean and chic finish, all while bouncing light around the room. Alternatively, achieve a rustic look with textured matt finishes or add depth to contemporary spaces with smooth matt tiles.

As with our walls tiles, our clearance floor tiles deliver ample variety for sizes, styles, colours and finishes. Choose from high-quality discount ceramic or porcelain floor tiles with polished and matt finishes that are fully equipped to withstand daily use in even the busiest areas of the home.

Of course, tile size matters when it comes to choosing the most suitable cheap floor tiles for your home. From classic 30cm x 30cm options to a more contemporary large format 120cm x 120cm and ample options in between, our discount tile flooring is stocked in a huge array of sizes.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are new-age, man-made tiles. Both are made from clay and other naturally occurring materials then fired in a kiln. The clay used to make porcelain tile is more refined and purified. It's fired at a higher temperature and greater pressure, resulting in an extremely dense and hard material. The main difference in picking porcelain tile vs ceramic tile is that Porcelain tiles have "through body color." while ceramic tiles may have only a ceramic glaze fired over the body; if chipped, the white-, tan-, or red-clay base is exposed. These tiles are very hard and can be used in homes or in light to medium commercial areas. We have seen its use increase year over year in high traffic areas such as airports, hotels and even offices.

Porcelain tiles has become brand by itself. Porcelain is for floos for Kleenex is for tissues. Due to its thickness and multiple finishes it can be used for both wall and flooring projects. The popularity has outrun natural stone flooring like granite, marble, travertine and slate. The wood look and stone finish porcelain are most popular. delivers the most extravagant array of Porcelain & ceramic tiles and complimenting mosaics to homeowners and home designers across United States. We promise to cater the lowest prices on Porcelain & Ceramic tiles. We promise to beat any reputable tile shop in price including home delivery. We are a tile shop with 18+ locations across the United States for your convenience. With our shipping times and logistic network you can get your floors conveniently and in no time. offers a mammoth selection. from over 35 countries, of handpicked and most in-demand tiles.

Vinyl flooring comes in sheets, tiles, and planks and is predominately manufactured with PVC, resulting in durable, waterproof flooring that can be installed anywhere in your home. It requires little maintenance, just regular vacuuming or sweeping and the occasional mopping, and is one of the least expensive flooring options on the market. If installed correctly, you can expect it to last as long as 25 years.

Laminate is installed as a floating floor, which means the pieces click and lock together rather than being glued directly to the subfloor. It will take time to properly prepare the area, but installation is fairly quick once you start fitting the pieces together.

Cost: The average cost of laminate flooring is $2.50 per square foot (not including installation), but will increase depending on the materials and guarantees provided by the manufacturer.

Peel-and-Stick Carpet Tiles: An easier way to install carpeting is by using peel-and-stick carpet tiles. As with vinyl planks, the smaller pieces make installation relatively quick and easy. Carpet tiles come with their own adhesive backing, so all you have to do is make sure the floor is clean, peel off the stickers, and affix the tiles to the floor. Plus, you can use a box cutter to trim pieces as needed. Carpet tiles can be found at big-box retailers like Home Depot for less than $1 per square foot.

Porcelain Tile: Consider using porcelain tiles when installing floors in damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Due to its manufacturing, porcelain is denser and better at repelling water than ceramic, and though it costs slightly more per square foot, it wears better than conventional ceramic tile.

Our direct-to-consumer flooring shop also offers an extensive selection of ceramic, stone, mosaic, and porcelain tile flooring options. We are constantly making room for new products by selling existing stock at the lowest prices possible. Stop by to check out the options for flooring in the Baltimore or Washington areas in Maryland.

Our dedication to your satisfaction leads us to source only the best quality tile flooring on the market today. With ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone options, everyone can find exactly what they are looking for. We are pleased to help you decide on the best solutions for your needs as well.

Ceramic tiles have long been a standard choice for kitchens and bathrooms, though their style can suit other rooms as well. They are sturdy, long-lasting, and not difficult to install for those with a handy, DIY background. Porcelain tiles are likewise popular for these reasons. Add an extra boost of style with natural stone in multiple colors of marble, limestone, and granite. Our mosaic tile products offer easy-to-use patterns for shower enclosures, backsplashes, and more.

Tiles are economical, long lasting and can provide the greatest value for your home or office space. It remains a commonly sought flooring solution owing to its versatility and incredible durability. It is naturally resistant against moisture, stains, traffic and odors.

From the classic subway wall tile to the modern bathroom tile, you will find an array of styles and product dimensions to transform your home into a clean and contemporary space right here! The kitchen is the heart of the home and with our striking kitchen tile designs; we can help you achieve the desired finish with lasting. Our tiles are functional and beautiful in appearance but also cost effective. Floors Etc. only invests in high-quality tiling products making it easier to install and maintain. To learn of the tile options available, visit our porcelain, ceramic & stone range for incredible tile choices. Our range is perfect for any home or commercial tile flooring project.

'Even if the style is still available, the batch will be different and may not match the shade exactly. Remember, if you drop something heavy and crack a tile in a few years time, you may want to change just one tile rather than redoing the whole floor. If you have a few spares in your cellar or attic this will be very easy.'

Tiles come in a vast range of sizes, from 7.5 x 15cm metro bricks to large format 60 x 120cm tiles. Whilst these mean you have the freedom to create your perfect home, picking the wrong size can mean the difference between the success or failure of a project.

'Handmade encaustic cement tiles will naturally have a slight colour gradient. Using natural dyes, they are rich in color and depth. The cheaper versions on the market are often very flat, and very bright in tone using artificial colors. A better option here would be a ceramic tile which are easier to maintain and more cost effective than a low-priced encaustic cement option.'

'Where you are adding tiles will influence the type of tile you will want to go for,' says Hamish. 'For example, is the tile going to be used externally or internally? If externally, is the material weatherproof and slip resistant? If internally, is the tile suitable for heavy foot traffic, can it be used with underfloor heating, does it need sealing regularly or is it light enough to be used as a wall covering? You might love a product but it's so important to check that a tile will work in the intended space, the last thing you want are cracked tiles or stone that is slippery when laid in an unsuitable area.'

Amanda Telford agrees, saying: 'It's so important to take into consideration the right tile material for floors in high traffic areas such as kitchens, hallways, conservatories and other living areas with high usage and footfall.

'We would always recommend using porcelain tiles over ceramic tiles in these areas. Porcelain tiles are much more hardwearing and capable of withstanding every day, busy living and will last for years. Ceramic tiles are slightly less hardwearing but perfectly suited to any wall application, or low footfall areas with light or barefoot traffic such as small bathrooms or cloakrooms.'

'When choosing the right tiler for your project, consider someone who is experienced in the particular material you have chosen. Whilst porcelain and ceramic tiles are most commonly used, large format, encaustic, glass and natural stone tiles can come with their own set of challenges during fitting. 041b061a72


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