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Applekeyboardinstaller64exe Windows 10 Download

Your 2017 Mac cannot support any BC 5.x drivers, which are meant for W7/W8.1. You need BC6.x drivers. Can you click on BC Assistant -> Action -> Download and download BC drivers to a USB2 flash drive and re-install them and test?

Applekeyboardinstaller64exe Windows 10 Download

Meanwhile, I did something you had suggested in the past: I got Brigadier and downloaded BootCamp drivers (v. 6.1) and place them with Bootcamp.msi in a folder and installed them. But still Windows 10 chooses to use Microsoft drivers and the steps detailed before have been unsucessfull (Update drivers>Have disk --> go the folder where the .inf and .sys are).

Bootcamp Assistant is in Applications -> Utilities -> Bootcamp Assistant. It can be used to either install Windows or download BC drivers. You do not need to install Windows, but you need to Download the drivers only.

Finally, after FOUR years of running this specific Hackintosh that dual boots with Windows, I have bothered to take the time to figure out how to make the Apple Aluminum Keyboard work 100% under Windows (On a NON Mac hardware machine.) My Volume and play control buttons work in windows now!! Even with the nice Apple On Screen Display. I can CONFIRM working on Windows 7 64BIT, almost positive that the same process will work on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 64bit (Assuming 32 bit variants would just require using the 32 bit drivers)


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