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Where To Buy Maxxis Tires

The Maxxis 11 x 5.5-6 T-18 Treaded Tire is one of the best tires for riding off-road with your Onewheel+ XR! It offers increased traction and control of all terrains with its treaded profile. It is more round and carvy than 11 x 6.0-6 tires, and a lot more round and carvy than the stock tire. It is the roundest tire we have to offer and has the greatest ability to carve quickly and turn on a dime. The T-18 Compound of the Maxxis 11 x 5.5-6 Treaded Tire is soft and grippy. Deep carves and increased levels of responsiveness are ahead.

where to buy maxxis tires

For their high-end tires, MAXXIS have focussed on triple-compound blends. The 3C MaxxGrip and 3C MaxxTerra compounds are particularly suitable for use on Trail and Enduro bikes. MAXXIS also use a dual compound for some of their rear-specific tires.

No other tire brand has as many mountain bike tires on offer as MAXXIS. Besides tires for very specific conditions, they also have a huge range of all-round options to choose from. From fast rolling XC tires to super grippy mud tires, MAXXIS have it all.

Maxxis Tires is a tire manufacturing company founded in Taiwan in 1967. The company offers passenger, SUV, high performance, light truck, ATV, lawn mower, industrial, motorcycle and trailer tires to the replacement tire market. The brand guarantees exceptional performance and durability with their models and ensures superb driving safety.

At Warrenton Tire & Muffler Inc., we are a proud supplier of Maxxis tires for customers in Warrenton, MO, Wentzville, MO, and Lake Saint Louis, MO, and surrounding areas. Customers are bound to find the right tire to fit their budget in our selection of competitively priced Maxxis tires.

Maxxis Tire was founded in Taiwan in 1967 as a manufacturer of bicycle tires. Through gradual growth, Maxxis eventually became the largest bike tire producer in the world. Maxxis has since expanded, and the company now offers a variety of tires for many different purposes. Today, Maxxis is one of the leading and most highly respected tire manufacturers in the world.

Maxxis manufactures tires on four continents in more than 170 countries, and employs over 28,000 people around the world. Whether you need tires to race, traverse tough conditions, or ensure a safe commute to work, Maxxis has a set of tires for you.

Over the last 45 years, Maxxis Tire has remained dedicated to developing and retaining faithful customers. The company continues to provide high quality tires and customer service with the goal of retaining customers for life. Maxxis tires are manufactured with the belief that the best can always be better.

As one of the leading Maxxis tire dealers in the area, we pride ourselves on our ability to send customers home happy. Contact us online or visit us today to learn more about our selection of Maxxis tires.

Since it was founded in 1967 where it began as a manufacturer of bicycle tyres, Maxxis now also provides high-quality tyre products for cars and light trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, and karts to 180 countries.

EXO Protection, an extremely cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls of select mountain tyres. This densely woven fabric is also lightweight and highly flexible, ensuring that the performance of the tyre remains unaffected. Choose EXO Protection for exceptionally rocky treacherous trails where the chance of sidewall cuts and abrasions is high.

At Smart Buy Tire, Inc., we are a proud supplier of Maxxis tires for customers in Springfield, MO, Nixa, MO, Ozark, MO, and surrounding areas. Customers are bound to find the right tire to fit their budget in our selection of competitively priced Maxxis tires.

MAXXIS is one of the best tire brands in the world, committed to delivering high performance tires to more than 170 countries. With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, we craft tires of unequalled quality for cars, light trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles using the most advanced engineering facilities in the industry. Contact Us.

Drive comfortably on pavement or mud terrain with versatile tires of excellent handling and tread wear. Whether you ride on and off the road, Maxxis touring tires can provide you with a smooth and quiet journey. Contact Us.

These bicycles are good as new, often built right out of the box from the manufacturer. Original stickers, parts, and accessories are included. The frame and wheels might have minor blemishes or scuffs from transportation or showroom display. Drivetrain, levers, cockpit, and suspension (where applicable) are in new condition.

The Assegai tire is designed primarily for downhill racing and aggressive trail riding in mixed conditions. The knob height falls between the Minion DHR II and the Shorty. Like the Minion tires, the center knobs are heavily ramped on the leading edge to reduce rolling resistance. A small knob located between the center tread and side knobs provides a smooth transition while cornering. The Assegai offers predictable traction, even over slippery roots and rocks. 041b061a72


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