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Gt5 Car Hack Pack

They look lame on the nose. Call 'em gas-to-gas, gas-to-gas, gas-to-gas hooligans. Which is meant as a comment not a derogatory one, sorry. For those not in the know, the hooligans are the non-Eurasian, prima donna type who hang out in groups, are rich, are feminine, and talk way too much about their cars and stereo equipment. They all drive V8s, and they all call 'em Hondas, no matter what the make. All of this relates to the GT-5 car pack. The hooligans are not intended to be associated with the South Florida hackers in the least bit. Look at the picture carefully. The female hooligan looks like she has a better car than the guy in the back. What's the point? Well, they all drive nice cars and so do a lot of the hooligans. Oh, and all three men look like they just came from a bad porno shoot. Leave it to SparkFun to bring out the cringeworthy pics to make us all laugh. They all have the same car, sort of. Yeah, they all have GT-5s. The Honda that looks like a BMW and is red. The car that looks like a Volkswagen and is silver. The one that is yellow. Only the last looks like a GT-5. Get it? Oh well, ha ha. It was fun while it lasted.

Gt5 Car Hack Pack

The second issue of the first issue of "Hacks, Hacks, Hacks" was the first ever issue of Hack It. The focus was the first hack pack, the Gt5 car hack pack. It seemed like a good way to get the newer hackers (at that time) into the fold, and I'm sure many of the old hackers were thrilled to have a new issue to read. Also, as an editor, I was thrilled to have an issue to edit. I got my first paycheck as an editor. The first issue was horrible. So how did I get hired on? Well, my friend Shelly saw it, liked it, and asked for my help. I got another editor on board, and we did some re-writing. I also wanted to find a way to get some of the original hackers back in to write a series of one-shot stories in the format of the issue. That is how we came up with "Hacks, Hacks, Hacks" and the Gt5 Car Hack Pack.


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