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206 - Google Drive __EXCLUSIVE__

I am a company owner using Google Apps for Work, and managing all company resources in Google drive via personal Google Drive/sharing with my team members (also part of my Google Apps for Work account). Currently, many of my employees contribute files and folders to our architecture, and since I'm on personal drives, this IP is not centrally owned by my company, but by the individual people who are my employees. This is a risk I wish to avoid. One thing I CAN do, however, is assign various access/rights to folder, sub-folder and files within our architecture, which is a critical function to have.I wish to have ALL IP (folders & files created by me and my employees, owned and controlled at the company level instead of the individual level, and so moving to Shared Drive is the obvious upgrade to do, HOWEVER, there is an inhibitor to upgrading. Unlike the Personal Drive which we're all using now, Shared Drive allows us absolutely no ability to manage permissions to anything below the ROOT DRIVE level. This means that while I now can grant one of my employees access to a sub-folder, or a file at any level within our architecture, upgrading will reduce this ability to only grant permissions to my employees at the ROOT DRIVE level. This will require me either to choose to give my employees a single permission across multiple business lines, OR force us to change our file/folder organization to accommodate, thus causing us to create a ton of disjointed drives at the highest level, just to be able to set permissions in a way that is safe.I am looking for a corporate drive option with Google that provides singular ownership of all resources (as Shared Drives does and Personal Drive does not), AND the ability to assign permissions at the Folder, Sub-folder and File level throughout our architecture (as Personal Drive currently does, and Shared drive does not).

206 - Google Drive

As a quick summary, you'd only add very few people (mainly your workspace admins, maybe your senior leadership) to the top level of Shared drives, and instead share individual folders/subfolders within the shared drive with the folks that need access.

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This is a silly answer, but the problem for me was that I failed to realize I already had been issued an active oAuth token for my google user which I failed to store. The solution in this case is to go to the api console and reset the client secret.

After considering and trying all of the other ways here, here's how I solved the issue in nodejs with the googleapis module in conjunction with the request module, which I used to fetch the tokens instead of the provided getToken() method:

There is a undocumented timeout between when you first redirect the user to the google authentication page (and get back a code), and when you take the returned code and post it to the token url. It works fine for me with the actual google supplied client_id as opposed to an "undocumented email address". I just needed to start the process again. 041b061a72


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