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Entropy Increasing In Hindi Movie Download [UPDATED]

Entropy is the measure of how disorganized and random a system is. It is related to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that unless outside energy is provided, a system will find its entropy (disorder) staying the same or increasing as time goes on. In other words, a system will never get more ordered without outside intervention.

Entropy Increasing in hindi movie download

According to the second law of thermodynamics, in any process that involves a cycle, the entropy of the system will either stay the same or increase. When the cyclic process is reversible then the entropy will not change. When the process is irreversible, then entropy will increase. The best way to describe a reversible process is to describe watching a movie. If you can't tell if the movie is playing forwards or backwards, then the process is reversible. However, if you can tell that the movie is playing in reverse, then the process is irreversible. For example, frying an egg is irreversible, as is blowing up a building. If you make a movie of these processes, you can tell forward from reverse. A simple example of a reversible process is changing the phase of something like melting a piece of metal and vice versa. The changes are only physical, therefore, they are reversible. If you make a movie of it, you will not be able to tell forward from reverse. Most microscopic processes are reversible.

Entropy is one of the consequences of the second law of thermodynamics. The most popular concept related to entropy is the idea of disorder. Entropy is the measure of disorder: the higher the disorder, the higher the entropy of the system. Reversible processes do not increase the entropy of the universe. However, irreversible systems do. This means that the entropy of the universe is constantly increasing. When a system reaches a state of maximum entropy, then it cannot access energy anymore. For living systems, when that happens, the system dies. Entropy is also a measure of the multiplicity of a system, or the number of ways a state can be represented. The most probable state is the state with the highest multiplicity.

Gravity tries to keep things together through attraction and thus tends to lower statistical entropy. The universal law of increasing entropy (2nd law of thermodynamics) states that the entropy of an isolated system that is not in equilibrium will tend to increase with time, approaching a maximum value at equilibrium.

Gravitational collapse results in great and increasing contrasts: some parts dense and hot (e.g. stars); other parts cold and diffuse (e.g. intergalactic voids). So although this does not contradict the overall increase of entropy, that is not the only significant thing to note. It is also significant that this process results in structure in some regions. Rather than a uniform gas just getting more and more diffuse (a boring universe) we have pockets of gas condensing into galaxies, stars, planets, life, while other gas expands into the voids (an interesting universe).


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