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Where To Buy Hertog Jan Beer

Hertog Jan is a household name in the Lowlands and it has been for decades. Already in the early 20th century they founded the brewery in the small town of Arcen in Limburg. The brewery was built right next to a water source that supplied them with the much needed water to brew their beer. In the decades after they have added new flavors to their range such as Grand Prestige, Karakter and Arcener Triple, all available in our online store.

where to buy hertog jan beer

If you have to buy a gift for a beer enthusiast we have the perfect gifts for you. For instance the gift pack with 5 different Hertog Jan beers. And what to think of a 500ml bottle of Hertog Jan Grand Prestige?

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The brewery produces several styles of beer under this name such as a pilsner, seasonal varieties and a barrel-aged beer called Hertog Jan Grand Prestige.[1] Since 2017, Hertog Jan has launched an annual special edition beer called Hertog Jan Grand Prestige Vatgerijpt. Each edition has a different theme which is focused around the barrels the beer is aged in.[2][3]

Hertog Jan is a brand for beer lovers with an appreciation of natural, tasteful beer. This is a fruity aromatic bottom-fermented pils characterised by a golden color, full body and pleasantly bitter aftertaste. It should be served at 4 to 6C (39 to 43F).

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The taste of beer cheese The result of this special collaboration is a characterful cheese with a distinctive beer flavour. The taste of beer cheese depends of course on the type of beer that is used, but usually this type of cheese is creamy, full, slightly sweeter than regular cheese and has the bitter aftertaste of beer. Often, dark beers are used to make beer cheese. This also applies to our beer cheese, made with Hertog Jan "Grand Prestige", a beer of high fermentation, with 10% alcohol. When you taste this, you can clearly distinguish between ripe, sweet and bitter.

The making of beer cheeseHow is beer cheese made exactly? During the making of the cheese, the first phase involves getting the milk to clump together by adding rennet. The thick mass is cut into small pieces. This curd, which consists of the solid components of cheese, is then separated from the whey, or the liquid components. Beer is added to the curd before it is pressed into the round mould. Apart from that, the manufacturing process is the same as it would be for regular cheese. The beer cheese is placed in a brine bath, given a coating and matured for at least 8 weeks on wooden planks. During the ripening, the cheese is turned several times in order to preserve the beautiful round shape. The beer cheese weighs 5 kilos and is at least 8 weeks old.

Hertog Jan Beer Glass 45 cl - Set of 6With this official Hertog Jan beer glass, you can drink beer at home just like you would at the pub! This glass it a classic to enjoy your beer or lager in. These beer glasses come in a set of 6, perfect to enjoy with family and friends.

Take a look at our complete Hertog Jan beer glasses collection. At Cookinglife, you are in the right place to find your perfect beer glasses. We have a wide range of both normal beer glasses and also branded beer glasses. Cookinglife also has glasses suitable for other beverages. Take a look at our glassware range!

Dinky ceramic bottle with cork and cage, 500ml, which has beer that is 10% ABV, making it 300 calories a serve size, and 25 UBU things also making it 3.94 standard drinks.

Cracking! Absolutely cracking beer. Initial burst of a bitterness gives way to a rich full mouthful of sweet fluffy sugary sweet beer that finishes both dry and a tick of bitter, and also has a lovely coating lingering taste.

Even as it warms and that alcohol bur gets more noticeable there is something very compelling in the sweetness of this, I admit I have a sweet tooth and all that, yet this is only a tad over the line, giving me a really recent drinking beer.

Abt, or quadrupel, is the name given to ultra-strong Trappist and abbey ales. The name Abt was pioneered to describe Westvleteren and the beer that would become St. Bernardus. Quadrupel was pioneered by La Trappe. Abts are the darker of the two, with more rich, deep fruity notes. Quads are paler, with corresponding peachy notes. Neither have much in the way of hop, and both are very strong and malty. Though both are bottle-conditioned, abts trend more towards yeastiness. Alcohol is very high (10+% abv) for both.

Belgian Strong Ales can vary from pale to dark brown in color, darker ales may be colored with dark candy sugar. Hop flavor can range from low to high, while hop aroma is low. The beers are medium to full-bodied and have a high alcoholic character. Types of beers included here include tripels, dubbels and ultra-strong abbey ales.

Hertog-Jan Grand Prestige, rightfully the greatest achievement of the Hertog-Jan Brewery (ABInbev). A dark tasting beer for the winter months. This crown jewel, with its ripe, full-bodied taste, comes into its own best if you take the time. A delicious beer to enjoy in peace!

Hertog Jan 0.0 is a refreshing thirst quencher without alcohol. This non-alcoholic beer is brewed with alcohol. The alcohol is extracted later. As a result, this beer has retained its characteristic beer taste. You can taste the soft sweetness of the malt and the fresh spiciness of the hops. An alcohol-free beer with taste.

Brewed by Arcense, this Hertog Jan Grand Prestige is a Quadrupel-type beer produced using the finest raw materials. A beer that will age beautifully left several years in the cellar, like a great wine! On pouring, this Dutch beer stands out instantly for its magnificent brown colour with ruby highlights. It sits beneath a generous, albeit short-lasting, head. Needless to say, it's enough to make your mouth water. The bouquet gives off superb aromas of plums and banana, followed rapidly by spicy notes. On the palate, the good impression is confirmed with a nice roundness in the prelude and beautiful flavours of dried fruit. Its finish offers an admirable persistence! This Hertog Jan Grand Prestige is one of the greatest Belgian Trappists. Clearly Belgian-inspired beers after Hertog Jan Tripel! 041b061a72


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